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We are only too happy to share our conviction with you. Want to know what brought us here? Let me start with an anecdote. Like many people dream of "La douce France", we too had a dream. An idyllic little house with beautiful blue shutters in a sleepy village. And to go there in the morning and get a freshly baked croissant from the local bakery? In the evening, at the end of the day, a delicious glass of wine at sunset?
You bet! And so one day it happened. Fifteen years ago, we made our dream come true. So we moved with our family to the beautiful 'Corbières' region. In the region that was then still called the Languedoc.
Little by little, we discovered this region and adapted ourselves to the local customs. We have also met very nice and interesting people and, above all, we have learned to live in harmony with nature. Every day we enjoy "la douce France", the sun, the peace and the breathtaking nature. But secondly, we also enjoy the local markets and the delicious artisanal products!
Over the years, we have seen how local producers passionately produce their high-quality products. Our conviction makes this happen every day with full respect for nature.

With our producers , we would like to give you the opportunity to also enjoy these delicious and healthy products.

So that you can imagine yourself on one of those beautiful sunday markets and or just dream about the sun and sea.
In line with our vision, our packaging is also ecologically responsible. Our shipments are grouped as much as possible to minimise CO2 emissions.