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Groupama Méditerranée pro 2022 trophy

groupama trophée pro 2022

The Groupama Méditerranée pro 2022 trophy. With its mutualist values and presence throughout France, Groupama encourages the initiatives of small businesses. And thus contribute to territorial dynamism through their activities.
How? For several years, Groupama has been creating the "Trophée Pro", a competition that rewards craftspeople, traders, service providers... who stand out for their sustainable or innovative actions.

Who can win? Whether you are a member of Groupama or not, you can compete for the Trophée Pro as a professional (if you are a craftsman, trader, service provider, webshop, liberal professions, cafés-hotels-restaurants, start-ups...) and employ up to 10 people.

On which criteria? One of the most important criteria: your company's investment in local development and sustainable commitment in the life of the territory. The innovative character of your activity, the attention paid to the impact on the environment. And equally, the creation of jobs in your region ...

The finalist Bonjour la douce France congratulates the winner "Culo" of the Groupama Méditerranée pro 2022 trophy. The company CULO from Cuxac-d'Aude is the rightful winner of this exciting trophy edition! We would like to thank Groupama Méditerranée for our participation and we are extremely pleased to have reached the final! Thank you very much!

"Petites entreprises, venez vivre une grande aventure!"

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Bienvenue | Welcome

Bienvenue sur notre Blog

I am glad you are here. You can call me Hervé, which is one of many nicknames, or Herwig, which is my first name. Either way, I am an entrepreneur from the Aude, Occitanie. I started this blog in 2021 as a result of the concept Bonjour la douce France. This is a webshop with mainly French natural products and French delicacies. Now we live in a sleepy village at the edge of a nature reserve. And not far from the cities of Lézignan-Narbonne. It is a full time pleasure to work on this blog. This with the idea of pure to eat and healthy to live and to share this with you. I love my work!.


I like to eat so much

You should know that I am completely obsessed with food. Something we all do every day. But I am not talking about what we can heat up and take out somewhere quickly. No, it is more about what we eat and wanting to know where it comes from. Yes, the origin is important and especially how it is prepared for us. I hope the photos inspire you to get into the kitchen to cook a delicious, healthy meal.

Risotto avec truffe noir
Taste Risotto with black truffle

Good food in good company

Above all, I love food, especially in the presence of good company. Good food in good company - what could be more enjoyable than that?

I believe that cooking should be fun and recipes rather flexible. That is why I choose not to eat meat all the time and to alternate with tasty vegetarian dishes. Hence the different categories of local products that you can find on Bonjour la douce France. Being able to eat prepared meals without additives every day? We believe in eating whole foods, don't we? Because those are foods that are as close as possible to their source. But I am also a firm believer in the occasional indulgence hear! And I laugh with friends as often as possible while enjoying a snackberry and a drink.

This blog is all about celebrating good food, real and sustainable living that delights the senses and nourishes the body.

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